Wisonsin's "Budget": Blue Smoke and Mirrors

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Wisonsin's "Budget": Blue Smoke and Mirrors

Post #1 by optimusprime » January 29th, 2014, 3:56 pm

What Fox Won't Tell You About Scott Walker's Economic Record

Fox and fRight-wing bloggers are pushing and gleefully spouting an "in your face" card concerning GOV Walker's stated budget surplus of $1 billion dollars due to his austerity programs, and how they were protested against.

[ ... ]

Sure. Absolutely. It's a simple concept and it's a great news story. Which perhaps you could explain to me if it's such a great news story, why haven't we seen the mainstream media cover this? I mean, to have a billion dollar surplus, that's gigantic. [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 1/27/14]

The reason why its not being covered is not because of some liberal media conspiracy. Rather, he's employing a simple, K-4 math trick: Tax (revenue) Collection

PolitiFact: Wisconsin Surplus Due To Increased Tax Collections, Similar To Other States. PolitiFact Wisconsin found that Wisconsin's budget surplus is not due to Walker's austerity measures, but because "tax collections are rising faster than expected." The post also noted that other states were enjoying similar surpluses

Well, I give it up to GOV Walker for going after those in Wisconsin who do not pay up their taxes while enjoying the benefits of the taxpayers who do. But his programs leave a lot to be desired.

Lets say that you have $3.00 and you want to buy a Big Mac which is being sold for $2.98. Aiight, to afford the meal, one would need more money, right? In Walker's case, he fires the McDonald's griller and a shift manager, and calculates that this will save his local McDonald's $1.68 toward his Big Mac. This $1.68 is the surplus. Only that the local McDonalds does not control the price of the Big Mac. But, this does not stop Walker. He now goes on TV touting a $1.68 budget surplus, and now he's able to add to the meal without decreasing what was available in his wallet. Hey, youse guys, we can not afford a small fry. But wait...the price of the Big Mac hasn't changed. He's dreaming, and has a news outlet named Foxnews to tout how blue and how smoky the mirrors are.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau: Under Walker's Budget, Wisconsin's Structural Deficit Would Grow To $725 Million. A non-partisan analysis of Walker's most recent budget concluded that the Governor's proposed tax cuts would increase the state's budget shortfall over the coming years. Walker's tax plan hyped by Fox would in fact cost the state $180 million and would ultimately turn the touted surplus into a deficit by 2017. [The Legislative Fiscal Bureau, 10/15/13]

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Walker's "Overall Plan Would Leave The State In Worse Financial Shape In The Long Run." A January 22 article in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel pointed out that Walker's budget would increase the state's long-term deficit

He has not produced the jobs that he promised. But, that's aiight. The fRight bloggers now have a savior to run against Hillary.
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Re: Wisonsin's "Budget": Blue Smoke and Mirrors

Post #2 by John Thomas8 » January 29th, 2014, 5:58 pm

When the walker gang finally dumps outta office and somebody turns the lights back on, they're going to discover just how badly they've been bent over. Too late to do much about it, but they'll still figure out what it means to elect morally bankrupt stupid people to office.

Maybe they won't do it again.

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