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Post #1 by clando » June 15th, 2014, 2:55 pm

Wanted to see what peoples thoughts on Uber were. They are now going global and there has been push back in large cities around the world regarding their expansion.

USA Today wrote:The pseudo-German name Uber isn't helping in Europe, where licensed taxi drivers have stalled traffic in London, Paris and Madrid to protest this virtual transport company's invasion of their markets.

This bald incursion, traducing standard livery service regulations, has inspired not only the ire of official cabdrivers but the passion of investors, who have bid the value of Uber to $17 billion, making it the world's most valuable transportation company even though it owns no vehicles.


When Uber first came to Baltimore they were only town cars and luxury SUV's. It was more expensive than taxis, but the service was timely and their cars were clean. They have now expanded with Uber X, which is basically someone's personal car, but cheaper then taxis.

Uber is basically an app, where you make a request for a car, the car is tracked on the app, and you are charged directly to your credit card when you get to your arrival location. You can even split the charge with others in the car if they are also on Uber. There is no cash transaction and everything is handled through the app. It is very convenient and much more reliable than my experiences with local taxi services.

I really like my initial experiences with Uber, but have become more wary of it as they have expanded to more personal type cars. There are also some valid concerns with regards to regulation. I like that it is a disruptive technology because the taxi services have turned into a joke.

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