Frustrated migrants blame U.S. for their predicament

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Frustrated migrants blame U.S. for their predicament

Post #1 by optimusprime » September 12th, 2015, 11:31 am

I don't know why I read this article from the Washington Post. Having been to Iraq three times, I knew even with my last rotation that the Iraqi people - the very ones who are now trying to leave - would not make it as a country once the level of support that the US had given were withdrawn. No other country or conglomerate of countries were doing more than the US.

However, these were also the people who would not tell US soldiers where booby traps were laid or where weapons caches were hidden - even if al qaeda had just hidden the weapons the previous night. Intel would send us to the house, and we would have to break in just to see what was going on. Most of the men refused to talk to interpreters and the women were just as silent. We would leave only to once again have to come back in and this time, facing booby-trapped roads and booby trapped rooms, we find this stash of weapons or people that they knew about.

There were plenty of chances for the Iraqi to come clean, claim their country and do something good. But alas, when ISIS rose up, Iraqi soldiers trained in US tactics and on left-behind US hardware ran away, because THEIR fight was directed by their cultural and religious differences, NOT for the lines in the sand known as Iraq. What was the phrase we heard countless times: إرادة الله (Allah's will).

Well, now we have this:

BICSKE, Hungary — If he ever got the chance, he’d settle in the United States, Rzgar Abdul said. But for now, he lives in this spare, barracks-style refugee camp, placing much of the blame for his squalid existence on the United States.

After all, the Islamic State proliferated when U.S. forces pulled out of an unstable country. And that proliferation forced him to leave his home, said Abdul, 28, who is from the Iraqi city of Kirkuk.

Iraq’s problem is America’s problem,” said Abdul, who said he was a translator for the United States during the Iraq war, making him a target. “This crisis is America’s problem. In Iraq, Syria, all over, the U.S. did not do enough.”

No, sir. I beg to differ. As one who has seen first hand how the majority of your people cared not for America being in your country in the first place, and knowing that there were programs to bring you and your family to America due to your position as an interpreter, you and your people dropped the ball, and allowed ISIS to walk in and literally beat the crap out of you for even dreaming that you could have a better life outside of an Islamic calliphate. Your country elected its leaders and they put together their own constitution - laws that they wanted to enforce and show the direction in which to live. Those same laws and lawmakers also voted that the US should leave. We respected that vote.

“It’s too easy to blame the U.S. for these waves of refugees and asylum seekers,” said Stephan Mayer, spokesman for the Christian Social Union, a part of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s governing coalition. “This isn’t caused by the U.S.”

The CIA spent one billion tax-dollars in Syria. The US sent 4 trillion dollars to Iraq, and its sons and daughters. I did not agree with it, but we were there to help, assist, teach, motivate and guide Iraq back to a place where they could assume a more global posture. All of that good will was abandoned when once again, greed for oneself took more control over country. And that, my good refugee is why you are now trying to get somewhere else, where you will have a chance to assimilate into your new host country's culture.

The US is not totally to blame for where you are now. You could go back and fight for your city and your country. Chances are, you will not. You would rather I go and fight for it. That is the sad fact of the matter, and I for one, don't believe that a country YOU are not fighting for is not for ME to fight for either.
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