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Re: ObamaCare

Posted: March 6th, 2014, 8:01 am
by optimusprime

Re: ObamaCare

Posted: March 17th, 2014, 3:06 pm
by clando
Here is a nice Fact Checker argument debunking John Boehner's recent claim that "there are fewer people today with health insurance than when the law was passed." They give him four Pinocchios for the claim. They do a good analysis demonstrating how many more people have insurance than before the law passed. Including this interesting point regarding the claim that "people lost their insurance".

Fact Checker wrote:A large percentage of the people whose old plans were canceled were automatically moved to new plans offered by the same insurance companies. These people may not be happy with their new coverage — and may have appeared in an ad sponsored by Americans for Prosperity — but they got a plan without going through

On top of that, the White House ordered an administrative fix last year that, depending on the actions of individual states, allowed as many as 2.3 million people with “canceled plans” to simply stay on their old plans for at least another year. (In early March, the White House extended that deadline to 2016.) The administration in December also announced a new catastrophic exemption to fill any remaining gaps in coverage — estimated to affect as many as 500,000 people.

In other words, almost nobody left in that pool of 6 million does not have insurance. If they didn’t, they surely would be featured in an anti-Obamacare ad. But those ads feature people who don’t like their new plans, rather than being left high and dry with no coverage.

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Posted: March 17th, 2014, 3:09 pm
by clando
We've been reading a lot lately how people who have signed up haven't been paying their premiums. Here is an article that estimates the pay rate to be above 80%...

The following chart only includes states which have broken out Paid vs. Unpaid Enrollments. If you only use these 9 states as a guideline, it looks like the paid rate is around 80%:

However, note that there's a growing consensus that the overall "paid" average is closer to 85%, not 80.

First, this is a rolling average. People who enrolled between 2/16 and 3/15 don't even start coverage until April 1st, while anyone who enrolls between 3/16 - 3/31 won't start coverage until May 1st. In many cases, their first month's premium won't even be due until up to 6 weeks or more after they enroll. Considering how many people wait until the last minute to pay their bills, it's silly to write these people off as deadbeats. The vast majority of these will eventually be paid up, it's just that we won't have confirmation of many of them until well into MAY.

So again, when the deadline hits, I'm not gonna worry about 15% of enrollments not being paid when 34% or more of the policies haven't even started yet.

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Posted: March 21st, 2014, 9:58 pm
by clando
Had to steal this from Foggy's other forum as I thought it was great...


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Posted: March 25th, 2014, 8:34 pm
by optimusprime

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Posted: March 28th, 2014, 8:01 am
by 7rob7
[center]Obamacare’s 6 Million Target Hit as Exchange Visits Surge[/center]
Six million Americans have signed up for private health plans under Obamacare, President Barack Obama said, a symbolic milestone for a government that has struggled to get the law off the ground.

And here's a comment I found elseweb that expands on the basic report:

Remember this does not include 2 million who bought ACA approved private plans "off exchange," about 5 million who qualified for medicaid, and 4 million 18-26 year olds able to remain on their parents coverage, for a total of 17 million people covered under Obamacare.

Congratulations, Foggy!

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Posted: April 14th, 2014, 3:05 pm
by clando
Premiums for health care insurance in the Affordable Care Act are lower than the federal government had anticipated, the Congressional Budget Office reported on Monday when it revised its cost estimate for the health care law. The nonpartisan office now believes that the ACA will cost the government $5 billion less than projected in 2014 and $104 billion less for the 2015-2024 period. It also found “no clear evidence” that premiums will surge in 2015, noting that “enrollees in the future will be healthier, on average, than the smaller number of people who are obtaining such coverage in 2014.” The agency estimated that the national average premium for individual silver policy plans would increase by $100 that year.
Yep, the evidence continues to demonstrate that the ACA is a complete failure. :point:

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Posted: April 14th, 2014, 4:21 pm
by 7rob7
Yep. Especially over at a certain other forum where I posted this information earlier today, heh-heh.

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Posted: April 25th, 2014, 11:12 am
by StayPuft
The other day one of my neighbors posted a YoungConservatives article about this lady from Alabama. She really got a bad quote from her insurer, something like 750 bucks per month for their family of 4. She tried and tried to get better quotes and was asking a lot of questions from Blue Cross blue shield (who held the lion's share of insurance in AL), and was basically dismissed by the insurers employees. I believe the story went viral, and her family went newly uninsured for a while, due to BCBS of Alabama not knowing how to handle her case properly and thus quoting her way too high.

Anyway, some months later, after bringing her case to some level of government attention, she was contacted by someone somewhere who knew what they were doing, and they got her to contact BCBS of Alabama with the "right stuff to say" and her bills were then quoted down to 400/month and change.

The problem is, that YoungConservatives did not feel compelled to include this lady's followup blog post, after having quoted the disastrous first blog post she made. They continue not to tell the whole story, and so there is a decidedly dishonest recount of the situation. When I linked the woman's followup blog post directly after the link my neighbor had posted to YC's, my neighbor then promptly removed the entire thread.... So my neighbor too, has been contaminated with political hatred sufficient enough that she was no longer willing to leave up a Obamacare tragedy simply because the author had come back to tell a less tragic story, in the interest of honesty and disclosure.

Honesty and disclosure. Some are willing to take those off the table in order to hate Obamacare better.

I have no problem at all that some people tell me it isn't government's right to force them to buy health insurance. I actually agree, and would expand upon that fundamental principle by saying also that isn't government's right to force me to buy a war in Vietnam, a war in Somalia, a war in Iraq, and a war in Afghanistan. So, we "agree" that government shouldn't be forcing people to buy those things.

What I find funniest of all is that this neighbor is on food stamps, and they will pay the Obamacare penalty.....all because the resentful Obamacare-hatin' dad won't get a GD job. I don't even know what to say to that kind of staggering hypocrisy.

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Posted: March 24th, 2015, 6:41 pm
by Bill Bryan
Look at this old thread just lying around up in the attic or someplace!

Hospitals Saved Billions Under ObamaCare

A massive expansion of insurance programs like Medicaid and a drop in emergency room visits saved hospitals at least $7.4 billion over the last year, the Obama administration announced Monday.

With millions more people covered under ObamaCare last year, hospitals faced fewer bills from patients who lacked insurance and were unable to pay. Hospitals also saw fewer emergency room visits, which rack up far higher costs and often leave hospitals with the tab.

The costs of those services — known as uncompensated care — dropped by one-fifth nationwide in 2014, according to a government report released Monday.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released the findings to mark the fifth year since the passage of ObamaCare.

Nearly 70 percent of those savings came from states that have expanded the eligibility for Medicaid under ObamaCare. The 29 states with Medicaid expansions saved a total of $5 billion last year, compared to the $2.4 billion saved in states that did not expand the program.

You mean if North Carolina passed the Medicaid expansion, not only would we get billions in federal money, tens of thousands of jobs, hundreds of thousands more people with health insurance, and a better world for all North Carolinians, we'd also have millions and millions of dollars saved by the hospitals in this great state?

Who knew?

Oh, wait ... that's right. Everyone knew that. But passing Medicaid expansion would be doing what Obama wants, and we can't have that here. :wag:

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Posted: March 24th, 2015, 8:46 pm
by Porque
Did you see that Ted Cruz just signed up with O'Care?

(CNN)Ted Cruz is going on Obamacare.

The newly announced Republican presidential candidate told CNN's Dana Bash on Tuesday that he will sign up for health care coverage through the Affordable Care Act -- a law he has been on a crusade to kill.

Makes my brain - and the brains of other red-blooded 'muricans - go wee-wah. :huh:

Plus the weak chin. AMF Teddy.

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Posted: March 25th, 2015, 5:23 am
by Bill Bryan
Yes, and he could have bought a non-ObamaCare policy ... but it wouldn't be as good a deal.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Cruz.

Bonus: He also knows that anthropogenic climate change is a real thing. This guy isn't a conservative's conservative, he's a panderer's panderer.

He has the exact same chance of becoming president that I have of being the next Miss America, and I don't have enough hair for a tiara.

I read a blog post once where a guy from Princeton said he didn't remember Cruz much but his wife was saying "OH MY GOD, do you remember how much of an ASSHOLE he was, even back in college?"

That's his real claim to fame. He's a prick. His mom is so proud!!