"Rare Early Shakespeare Compilation Found In French Library"

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"Rare Early Shakespeare Compilation Found In French Library"

Post #1 by 7rob7 » November 25th, 2014, 12:05 pm

[center]Rare Early Shakespeare Compilation Found In French Library[/center]
A copy of William Shakespeare's First Folio, the first-ever compilation of the Bard's plays published in 1623, has been discovered in the library of a small town in northern France, a librarian said Tuesday.

One of the most valuable and coveted books in the world, the First Folio was uncovered when librarian Remy Cordonnier dusted off a book of Shakespeare's works dating to the 18th century for an exhibition on English literature in the town of Saint-Omer near Calais....

The copy of the book, which was published seven years after Shakespeare's death, was authenticated on Saturday by First Folio expert Eric Rasmussen from the University of Nevada.

"It is the 231st copy found in the world and the second in France," said Cordonnier.

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Re: "Rare Early Shakespeare Compilation Found In French Libr

Post #2 by Bill Bryan » November 25th, 2014, 5:58 pm

Whoa. So hao menny first folios are there still in existence nao?

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Oh, wait ... no, that's not right. :P ?(
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