Coming Completely Unglued

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Coming Completely Unglued

Post #1 by John Thomas8 » April 11th, 2013, 9:23 am

Since posting a 15-9-1 record and having the lead in the Southeast Division, the Canes have managed to collect 3 of possible 28 points in the past 14 games, going 1-12-1 and are firmly out of the playoffs.

While the slide basically coincides with Cam Ward's season-ending injury, that can't be the only reason they've fallen apart. In 9 of those 14 games, the Canes have scored 0 or 1 goal and 8 of those losses are at home. There's a combination of no defense and and a lack of goal scoring from the "stars" on the team.

And now, with a half-dozen contracts that are unsupportable in this market, they're going to have problems fixing things because of the salary cap.

Amazing collapse. And Wake County has to eat some of the lost revenue from the shortened season and lack of playoffs.


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