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The WW2 Fairy Visited Again

Posted: July 23rd, 2015, 9:43 pm
by East of Here
I love it when that happens!


When it comes to the M1 Garand, I tend to agree with General Patton - at least in a historically contemporaneous sense:


Re: The WW2 Fairy Visited Again

Posted: July 24th, 2015, 7:37 am
by Bill Bryan
I like this from the Wikipedia article on the M-1:

The British Army looked at the M1 as a possible replacement for its bolt-action Lee–Enfield No.1 Mk III, but it was rejected when rigorous testing suggested that it was an unreliable weapon in muddy conditions. That was one of many situations where the British declared American hardware unacceptable before American forces used the same equipment with great success.

Snicker, snicker. :taunt:

So tell us more about those two in particular. Any special history?

Re: The WW2 Fairy Visited Again

Posted: July 26th, 2015, 7:42 pm
by East of Here
Well, one is a Springfield Armory that was manufactured in October 1944. Well, at least the receiver was made in October 1944. The bolt and trigger housing were made by International Harvester, perhaps post war. The barrel is from December 1946, because the original would have been replaced as part of the normal postwar refurb. Post Korea, it was again re-arsenaled at the Letterkenny Army Depot in August of 1964. At some point, it was turned over by the D.O.D. to the CMP and has been crated there ever since until it got pulled out and sent to yours truly.

The other is a Harrington and Richardson. It is notable in that it was manufactured in 1955 or 1956 - which means it was made AFTER Korea. Unless it went overseas on loan to another country and came back, which I kinda doubt, it never saw war. The thing about this rifle is that it is virtually brand new. It has very little wear and appears to have its original barrel, bolt and stock. The trigger housing is a Springfield, but I think that got swapped out when the CMP went through it prior to putting it into inventory. Since they do these things in batches, I guess it got replaced in the process, which kinda bites, but is no real big deal. This one is going to be my shooter. I took it out yesterday and put 4 clips (32 rounds) of Greek surplus 30-06 ammo through it at 100 yards. It took a couple of clips to get the hang of the sight picture and then to dial the sights in, but once I did that, I was putting them in a hand sized group - which isn't too bad considering my eyesight is nowhere near what it used to be.